Anne Line Pedersen, 4th of July 1970

1987-90: Upper secondary school leaving examination.

1990-93: Degree in communication, and various student jobs.

1993-99: Various jobs in radio and TV as program planner and researcher.

1997-99: TTouch certification program level 2. UK.

1998-01: Anatomy/physiology, pathology, biomechanics, neurophysiology. UK and DK.

1999-04: Cert. ECBs, human, canine, equine. UK. (Basic training consisted of 650 lessons of supervised treatment and 2150 lessons of theory).

2004-07: Various advanced courses in Bowen, Muscle Release Therapy, Equine Touch. UK.

2007-09: NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique), human, canine, feline, equine. UK, SE, DE, CH.

2006-09: Development of A-Touch for elephants. Thailand.

2010-12: Teaching and research in A-Touch for elephants. Thailand.

2012-14: Several trips to the elephants in Thailand and work a bit with polo ponies in Asia.

2013-14: Various follow-up courses in Bowen (the classic shoulder and pelvis, anatomy trains 1-2) and NST. UK.

2014 : I get tired of Bowen’s insufficiency and do more research within the classic homeopathy, miasm study. I’ve always worked with homeopathy alongside A-Touch, but have missed a more concrete approach, so not only perform supporting treatment. UK.

2015 : Two weeks’ intensive course in Auyrvedic therapy in BodyReading and diagnosing. Bali.

2016-17: Teach A-touch human in DK and whiplash-theory in the UK.

2016-19: Several workshops in Ayurvedic therapy in Asia.

- Additionally, I have completed several first aid courses for humans and animals.

- Authorised FEI-therapist since June 2010.

- Since 2004 I have been affiliated to several veterinarians and clinics on Funen and abroad from which I receive referrals.

- 15 years of experience with myofascial treatment in Denmark and the rest of the world.