As a child I spent all my free time in stables, at vets and with animals in general. I rode dressage on quite a high level. As an adult I chose to become a journalist, but animals were still my passion. When my beloved horse “The Lizard” broke down because of incorrect riding and lack of correct treatment, and I myself acquired a bad frozen shoulder, I became interested in how to properly treat such physical problems.


So, I initiated a long line of studies. It was essential for me that if I were to spend so much time and money on a new education, it really had to work and give clear result. Because of this, I had to go to England, because there simply weren’t any qualified educations available in Denmark. There still isn’t! Even the anatomy and pathology I had already taken in Denmark, I had to re-take in England.


I was given the nickname “Miss Doolittle” at the education, because I often turned up with the weirdest cases. I got a lot of private tuition from the teachers on the basic courses because we always stayed at the same hotels, and they always knew some small racehorse stables or a greyhound rescue center nearby. That’s also where I learned things such as BodyReading, which I use on a daily basis with the animals.


My riding experience helps me in my work with horse and rider, because I understand where the problem comes from. My background as a rider has, unfortunately, also given me some injuries that I need to be considerate of. I’ve learned the hard way that I’m not Super woman, after having experienced months of incapacitation before I learned to take care of my own body. However, I’m glad that I can pass on this hard-earned experience to my human patients.


The dogs sort of came sneaking in. When I started on my basic courses I wasn’t particularly fond of dogs. Today I own three, and the work I do with dogs in the clinic makes me so happy that I wouldn’t live without it.


Elephants have been a dream of mine for many years, and I just had to see if these techniques worked on them as well. Therefore, I went to Thailand on several occasions, culminating in a six-month-long research project out there. So now I can call myself the world’s first elephant chiropractor!

Being a nerd, I will only work with things that make sense both now and in the long run. My fascination with work on the myofascial lines is definitely due to the fact that it works and is painless. So, the impatient person that I am, I’m a big fan of the results this treatment gives, compared to so much else.

Work and career aside, I’m the mother of 19-year-old Rasmus, owner of English Pointers Tao, Liva and Arthur; cat servant of Miss Moneypenny; rider and horse owner of Zessen and Bølle; owner of the old family farm on North Funen where the clinic is. When I have extra time on my hand I like to travel and learn about myself and different cultures.