A-Touch is a myofascial kind of therapy, which is an optimal kind of treatment of both muscle tissue, bones and energy lines in the body, without being invasive. Even though the treatment only works through the soft tissue, it has an amazing stabilizing effect even on serious locomotor system problems.


A-Touch is a gentle, non-invasive soft tissue technique that exclusively works via the myofascial lines. The treatment is pain free and stabilising. It is used primarily on new as well as old injuries in the locomotor system where it resets the tissue after an injury/overstrain, stabilises and restores the connections in the body.


All the body’s muscles are encased in a fine thin membrane, also called fascia. All fascia in the body are correlated in a fine system of myofascial lines.


A-Touch works within the concept of addressing the body politely and giving it the right prompt at the right time in a way that gives it a fair chance to correct itself via its own intelligence: the neuro energy, which is the body’s own self-healing energy. 

When working on the myofascial lines with A-Touch you use a special pressure in a system that is the shortest route to muscles, bones and tendons. This causes a quick, pain free stabilising healing of the body’s structure and symptoms as well as adjustments in both joints and muscles, without “violating” the patient.

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