I often get this question: “But do you also treat people?” Yes, that was how it all started! And I update my human therapy skills on a yearly basis.

When is A-Touch for humans relevant?

For instance: old or new slipped disks, frozen shoulder, symphysis pubis dysfunction, sprained ankles, tennis elbows, whiplash in all stages, jaw pains, sensory disturbances, children with asthma, etc. A-Touch for humans has a wide range, so call and ask me if it’s something I can help you with.  

Other examples on conditions that can benefit from A-Touch

Fertility: It turns out that in cases where thorough examinations have provided no explanations for infertility, it can sometimes be helpful for many couples to have their bodies reset.


Scoliosis: Through the years I have had a good deal of scoliosis patients who have become symptom free and well-functioning after max three sessions.

Spinal stenosis: I can’t change what the x-rays show, but I can redirect the pressure on the small of the back and tailbone so you can function without constant pain during movement.


Miscellaneous: Examples of other troublesome problems with back/neck that can benefit from an A-Touch session: Scheuermann, skew ribcages and bent ribs.

Colic in infants: Most of the infants I treat arrive with colic and exhausted parents. These poor parents are welcome to call me day and night. Everybody else must call within telephone hours.

How old do you have to be?

From 0-100 years old. A-Touch is a safe and responsible method, also when it comes to osteoporosis and implants. With A-Touch it is not possible to over-treat. The past many years I have worked with whiplash patients, concussions and severe sprains, both acute and in later phases, with good results.

Duration of a human session and possible extra sessions

First A-Touch session lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. After feedback I decide whether additional treatments are needed. In case I’m not satisfied with the results, I may refer you to other kinds of treatment or further examination. 

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