Holiday plan 2020:  5 - 21 February

Call for appointment: Monday - Friday, 7.30 - 8.20 on number: (+45) 26 23 53 83

Address of the clinic: Dallundvej 59, Dallund hovedgård, 5471 Søndersø

Prices: (VAT incl.)

  • Dog: 1st session: 900 kr., thereafter 800 kr. per session

  • Horse: 1st session: 1250 kr., thereafter 1000 kr. per session (+ potential call-out fee)

  • Human: 1st session: 1000 kr., thereafter 900 kr. per session

I offer a “package deal” on treatment and check of puppy litter and mother. Call for price, since it varies from breed to breed.


Discounts can be agreed upon in cases of more animals with the same owner, or in cases of referrals from vet or farrier. I don’t give discounts on 1st sessions. In case payment agreements are not kept, all verbal agreements are annulled and standard prices apply.


Call-out fees are 4 kr. per kilometer (out and home). I only drive out to groups.


I require cash payment and you receive a receipt from me.

I'm an authorised FEI-therapist and fully insured.

I work 10-16 o’clock Tuesday-Friday. On Wednesdays and Thursdays it’s sometimes possible to get evening appointments, but call and ask. Appointments outside of these times can be made, but cost an extra fee depending on time. Emergencies in weekends and holidays cost double normal prices.

In emergencies when I'm unreachable: contact own vet (or vet on duty).

A-Touch is owned by Approved Aspects           Dallundvej 59, Dallund hovedgård, 5471 Søndersø, Denmark          Phone: (+ 45 ) 26 23 53 83