Before treatment

Animals in anesthesia are treated only at vets I cooperate with, and the vet is present during treatment.



Dogs must arrive dry and flea-free.

Females in heat are only taken in late afternoon so the males can relax for their own treatment.



The horse needs to stand inside, be dry and ready when I arrive. A level floor and good lighting make for better results.


Potential rehabilitation is planed for the individual, since all animals are different.



Before treatment: ask when calling for appointment. After treatment: take it easy for 4 days. No longing with side reins. Pasture is okay, as is short rides at a walk, unless other instructions are given..


Before treatment: ask when calling for appointment. After treatment: 4 days of walks on leash and no training, unless other instructions are given. 

Medication with traditional medicine, alternative medicine and other kinds of treatment

Concerning medication: if your animal is on pain medication, ask when calling for appointment which remedies I can work on. No other treatments are recommended, such as chiropractic, massage, waterwalk etc. the last 4 days before treatment, so that I can get a “clean” picture of the dog. In case some other therapist has damaged your animal, I will comment on it, and might ask for a vet-visit and potential x-rays before I can go ahead with treatment.


My work is covered by a professional liability insurance. The insurance does not cover the work of other therapists or farriers.

Classic homeopathy


In connection with treatment I sometimes hand out a homeopathic remedy to help support the healing process. I do not charge extra for this, since it’s part of the treatment. However, if you would like a sole homeopathic treatment for various reasons (sometimes non-locomotor-system-related), it costs 550 kr. (including remedies and VAT).


I work with pure English classic homeopathy as well as Bach flower remedies. Sometimes I recommend a dietary supplement; but this is not something I sell, so must be bought separately at the feed store, pharmacy or on-line.